Tuesday 13 th February 2024
Grey overhead with a slight possibility of dampness from the skies saw 39 entrants into the draw to play
in one 3-ball and nine 4-balls in an Alliance Stableford 2-scores-to-count format with bonus points
available for “sandys”, a par from a bunker, as well as everyone in a covey scoring 3 points or better.
Although the rain threatened, not to deliver, a fresh westerly wind was not enough to slow Peter
Longhurst, John Abbot, Jimmy van Rensburg and Donald McGarvie as they danced into first place on 95
points ahead of Andy Manson, Derick van Harmelen, Bryan Robinson and James Weisters in second on
94 points. The last covey home comprising Nick Oosthuizen, Lawrence Schultz, Eugene Erasmus and Jim Bowen included some that may have wanted to leave the planet as coming home with 67 points they wrested the Hamer & Sukkel from any potential competitors with 67 points.
No 2-clubs were recorded, possibly testament to the breeze, and the pool carried over for a second time.
Dave Kirk, Keith Rugg, Paul Fryer, Derick van Harmelen, James Weisters and John Abbot all shot
individual 70 netts clearing the field for Bryan Robinson as individual player of the day with his 69 nett.
Friday 16 th February 2024
Grey skies and a fresh north westerly wind did not deter 51 players that entered the competition to
contest an Alliance Stableford 2-scores-to-count format with bonus points available for “sandys”, a par
from a bunker, and everyone in a covey scoring three points or better on the same hole.
Mike Stadler, Greg Thomas, Heinz Czepluch and Fanie Smit took first place by a nose on 91 points to
shade joint second place finishers Pete Andrews, Derek Sinclair, Mike Beaumont and Eugene Erasmus
as they tied on 90 points with Russell Warren, Ricky Barresi, Peter Reed and Don Thomson.
An exception to the good scoring of late saw a few coveys home in the seventies and Neil Loundar,
Jimmy van Rensburg, Andy Manson and David Groenewald surprised all, given their recent good form,
as they scrambled to 76 points and sole ownership of the Hamer & Sukkel at prize giving.
Dave Curran with his birdie on the 8 th hole, almost an hole-in-one and the only birdie on a par three on the day, deservedly captured the substantial 2-club pool to the delight of his covey.
In a progression of good scoring Mike Beaumont shot an individual 70 nett; James Weisters shot an
individual 69 nett; Gaby Hausmann shot an individual 68 nett; and Fanie Smit was player of the day with
his individual 67 nett. Brink Rautenbach received a special mention with his 78 gross.