Tuesday 21st September 2021
The forecast of rain, which did not arrive, saw 31 players drawn in one 3-ball and seven 4-balls to
compete in a Stableford Alliance 2-scores-to-count.
John Crandon, Tony Halse, Brian Hayward and Tom Tagg as the 86 points they compiled was suffice to
ensure first position. Arnie Schultz, Neil Loundar, Andy Manson and Paul Fryer were not too unhappy to
share joint second with Ross Grainger, Peter Reed, Jan Immelman and Heinz Czepluch both coveys
finishing on 81 points.
Further down the ladder a dead heat on 70 points saw Andy Barnes, Nick Oosthuizen and Len Bohnen
(65+5) share the Hamer & Sukkel albeit with noticeable reluctance from Phillip van der Byl, Barrie Brady,
Keith Rugg and Fanie Smit at prize giving.  
Tony Halse birdied the par three 6th and 11th holes and without any other birdies on par threes being
recorded this was enough to see his covey share all available financial funds on the morning available as
he also seized the carryover 2-club pool for his covey.
John Crandon, Ross Grainger and Don Thomson all shot individual 70 netts to be proud of to be left in
the shade by Tony Halse with a 66 nett. Ross returned a notable 79 gross to conclude proceedings.
Friday 24th September 2021  
Heritage Day, a public holiday, and a Fish ‘n Chips lunch saw 36 players enter the draw to play nine 4-
balls in a Stableford Alliance one score to count on the par fives, two scores to count on the par fours
and three scores to count on the par threes. A fresh westerly wind, that made its presence felt as the
morning passed.
Taking full advantage of the par three scores John Ralph, visitor Brian Glanvill (from Humewood), Len
Bohnen and Leon Grobler stunned all at prize giving by coming home with 91 points in first place to
overwhelm the field. Lindy Krige, Fanie Smit, Guy Cash and Brian Reid tied with Tony Halse, Pat Halse,
Barrie Brady and Martin Lambrechts in second position on 83 points.
Underwhelmed and not enjoying par threes Tom Tagg, Brian Shirley, Ian Storer and Paul Fryer
commiserated with the promising covey of David Groenewald, Bernie Loggenberg, Arnie Schultz and
Eugene Erasmus to share the Hamer & Sukkel on 73 points.
Heinz Czepluch with the only birdie on a par three, the 11th, took the 2-club pool for his covey.
Tony Halse shot a good 69 nett individual score whilst Brian Glanvill and Martin Lambrechts put the icing
on the cake with nett 67’s.