Tuesday 18 th June 2024
A cool morning with the wind from the north after the threat of thunder storms the previous evening saw
36 players enter to be drawn in nine 4-balls to contest an Alliance Stableford 2-scores-to-count with
bonus points available for a “Portuguese”, three 3 pointers or better in a covey as well as a “Sandy”, a par
from a bunker.
The course was still playing longer than usual and worm casts on the first few fairways added to the
challenge. Almost mastering conditions, as the wind stiffened, Rick Hill, Peter Reed, John Muggeridge
and Dave Curran tied with Mark Warren, Matt Chadwick, Peter Longhurst and Don Thomson in first place
on 87 points.
Backing up the field in a valiant attempt to escape the nether regions, without success, were Simon
Garfath, Eugene Erasmus, Jimmy van Rensburg and Paul Fryer as their 74 points left no competitors in
danger of stealing the Hamer & Sukkel from their possession.
Tony Halse birdied the par three 6 th for a glimmer of hope in the 2-club pool but Mark Warren with birdies on both the par three 11 th and 13 th swept all dreams aside to capture the pool for his covey.
An indication of playing conditions saw no individual nett scores worthy of mention.
Friday 21 st June 2024
A cool calm early morning in the midst of the winter solstice, with the sun promising to arrive after tee off, greeted the 43 players entering the competition to be drawn in one 3-ball and ten 4-balls to contest an Alliance Stableford 2-scores-to-count with a bonus point available for a “sandy”, a par from a bunker.
Initially tranquil the wind freshened and vacillated between northerly and north westerly as Bob Shaw,
Quentin Hogge, Wayne Harris and Derek Sinclair came home to share first place with Daan Slabbert, Ian
Storer, John Muggeridge and Mike Beaumont on 84 points.
Andy Manson, Bruce Carlyon and Don Thomson could not find a following wind, whatever the direction,
as they posted 74 (69+5) points to take charge of the Hamer & Sukkel at prize giving.
Playing in the same covey both Zandile Jakavula and Eugene Erasmus birdied the par three 6 th for the
only 2-clubs on the day to secure the pool for their covey.
Andy Stembridge and Fanie Smit shared individual honours both returning with 69 netts.