KGB results Week ending 17 th January 2020
Tuesday 14 th January
Good weather, although a light wind picked up later in the morning a good field of 40 players teed
off in ten 4- balls contesting the usual 4bbb 2 scores to count with a Portuguese flair.
Winners on 92 points John Ralph, John Crandon, Dave Curran and Gavin Richards.
A close second on 91 points two coveys, Mark Warren, Paul Fryer, Heinz Czepluch, and Geoff
Wingate-Pearce together with Berny Loggenberg, Gerald Churchley, Don Thompson and John
The coveted Hammer and Sukkel was claimed by Len Bohnen, Jan Immelman, Bob Shaw, and Eugene
Best net for the day was Don Thompson with a fabulous 62.
Two club pool was won by Steve Kennedy for his birdie on the 11 th .

Friday 17th January
Humid energy sapping summer weather brought 43 players down to compete in the 4bbb two
scores to count format.
Winners on 92 points Andy Stembridge, Andy Manson, Don Thompson and Derick Van Harmelen.
A close second on 89 points Steve Kennedy, Len Bohnen, Cliff Roberts and John Muggeridge.
The Hammer and Sukkel was won on a mere 70 points by Jimmy van Rensburg, Peter Reed, John Dell
and Andy Barnes.
Best net for the day: Gerald Churchley with a well-played 68
The two-club pool was won by Len Bohnen with his birdie on the 6 th .
A very good week of KGB golf was enjoyed by all.