KGB WE 4 th June 2021
With more than a touch of chill in the air and intermittent showers driven by a north-westerly wind
31 keen participants were drawn in one 3-ball and seven 4-balls to play a Stableford Alliance 2-
scores-to-count format.
John Ralph, Hein Barnard, Steve Kennedy and Peter Longhurst posted, on the day, a score of 90
points to win. Three coveys comprising Arnie Schultz, Fanie Smit, Eugene Erasmus and Paul Fryer
along with Richard Laing, James Lobban, Peter Reed and Don Thomson as well as John Abbott, Mike
Stadler, Andy Manson and Graham Finlay shared second position on 77 points.
Len Bohnen, John Dell and Heinz Czepluch, despite a brief period of sunshine in their game,
compiled 68 (63+5) points to be proud holders of the Hamer & Sukkel at prize giving.
John Ralph with his birdie on the par three 8th succeeded with the only 2-club recorded to take the
Individual scores of note included James Lobban shooting a sound 70 nett, Steve Kennedy with a 68
nett and John Ralph was hot coming in with a 67 nett.
Winter was evident with cool temperatures greeting the 31 keen contestants drawn in one 3-ball
and seven 4-balls to play a Stableford Alliance 2-scores to count competition.
Bryan Robinson, Guy Cash, John Muggeridge and Graham Finlay compiled 82 points to take first
position and be the only covey to finish in the 80’s. Overall scoring probably reflected the lack of run
on the fairways due to recent rains but Fanie Smit, Len Bohnen, Matt Chadwick and Eugene Erasmus
were content to see their total of 79 points earn them second.
The surprise of the day saw Derek Sinclair, David Groenewald and Peter Reed taking sound
possession of the Hamer & Sukkel at prize giving with their 66 (61+5) points.
Three birdies were recorded on the par three 6th hole by Nick Oosthuizen, Andy Manson and John
Muggeridge. The 2-club pool was carried over as they were in separate coveys.
The only individual rounds of mention were by Len Bohnen and Graham Finlay both shooting 70