KGB results week ending 14th Feb 2020

Tues 11th Feb 2020
Good weather conditions with little wind brought a good field of 44 players to contest the 4bbb 2
scores to count with porto flair.
Winners on 90 points, Matt Chadwick, John Dell, Mike Stadler, and James Weisters.
Runners up on 84 points were two coveys Eugene Erasmus, Don McGarvie, Peter Longhurst and Paul
Fryer together with Guy Cash, Cliff Roberts, Dave Curran and Heinz Czepluch.
Dave having the best net of 68.
The Hammer and Sukkel was claimed by John Crandon, Rod Grady, John Abbot and Bob Shaw on 77
The two-club pool was won by Rodney Grady with his birdie on the 13th.
Friday 14th Feb 2020
Again, good calm but hot and humid summer conditions brought 37 players down to support the
Ladies centenary in the standard 4bbb 2 scores to count.
Combined winners on 90 points John Dell, Jimmy van Rensburg, Phillip van der Byl, and Nick
Oosthuizen together with Peter Reed, Steve Kennedy, Dave Curran, and Cecil Grobler. Peter having
the best net of 67.
The 3 ball of Mike Beaumont, Liz Mangham, and Don Thompson walked away with the Hammer and
Sukkel on 74 points.
There were no 2 clubs, so the pool is carried over.