DATE: Monday 23/11/2020

Annual Ladies Day
Players: 29 in cool conditions
Winners on 37: Jenny Adair, Nic v.d. Merwe, Eugene Erasmus
Moosehead on 42: John Heather, Neil Shaw, John Feather, Mo Marsay
Good Scores:
49: Dallas Cowie, Shirley Heny
48: Maureen McGarvie, John Feather, Sheena Warren, Sonia Reynolds, Glynis Renecle
47: Pru Peacock, Jane Bladen, Ted Baines
42: Jenny Adair
Two Clubs:
8 th : Dudley Kieser, Dallas Cowie
DATE: Thursday 26/11/2020
Players: 19 for the Annual Awards Game
Winners on 40: Peter Rinaldi, Neal Shaw, Patrick O`Kelly, Dallas Cowie
Moosehead on 46: Bryan Robinson, Eugene Erasmus, Stan Weyers
Winners of the Dale Wisener Trophy – (Most Mooseheads): Dallas Cowie,
Good Scores:
48: Patrick O`Kelly, Dallas Kowie